About Us


Meet our founder Jenifer Flannery. Jenifer has a diverse skill set that she has developed throughout her life. She has owned, operated, educated and helped many others build their businesses. She was born and raised in Canada, lived in Mexico as well as several US States and now calls Montana home for the past four years.

Jenifer has always helped her family, friends and neighbors run errands, organize, clean and manage their home and businesses. After helping a few of her close friends and seeing the needs that people have she decided to put her passion for helping others to work. This has given her first hand knowledge interacting with the local business communities and the wide range of services available. Artarose is named after her 95-year-old grandmother Arta Rose.

Jenifer opened Artarose, an executive, professional, customized service for house management, personal assistant and concierges services to meet the demands of everyday living. With everything going on in our daily lives people get overwhelmed and she wanted to help with them with their personal, home or business needs and offers something for everyone.

Artarose was founded with the idea that clients, companies and brands appreciate team members who are not only efficient in their services but also have more to offer than your regular concierge services. We recognized the differentiated needs of clients were not being addressed, Artarose was established to provide clients with one place to go to be supplied with professionally trained staff to handle your everyday needs.

We pride ourselves on building close working relationships with each of our clients. This approach allows us to get to know how they like to operate and ensure quality and consistency. We are available via email or phone seven days a week and always have a team member on hand to respond to any unforeseen requests.